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Even in times of adversity, writing is a way out of everything that makes you go into a stage of nothing but tolorence. Write just anything that flows from your mind through your hands and then right out of your fingertips and electrifies your inevitable quill. But in order to write, you must observe and ponder it in depth. first write for yourself before you do it for anyone else. Think about words. Words that scream darkness like bruises or scars, blue, grief, night, etc. Or words that scream elegance, like moon, ethereal, dewdrops, bloom, etc. Then read a bunch of poems. I would suggest a few books, including Milk and Honey, Wild Embers, Your Soul is a River, etc. Short poems, then bigger ones. Attain a high vocabulary. Words with better pronunciation and meaning will make your poem flawless.
Remember that it’s not vital to have a rhyme scheme. It could be a blank verse also.
Learn about prose, poetry, haikus, etc. But first and foremost, be firm in your language. agree that I make a lot of mistakes. But do not stop. It’s a fact that once you get good at writing, you’ll never cease. And it’s a beautiful thing to keep thinking and keep observing and keep writing. So go ahead, grab your quill and start writing yourself out.

Here’s a little bit of what I write while the world is still caged in chaos.▪︎°•♤•°▪︎

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