The Glow Within You.

There’s a lantern inside every man’s body. That bright lantern is man’s incandescence. If you talk about the body, the body is nothing but an accessory. It’s just a cover. What matters is; what is inside us. Let’s take an example of the most important part of the body and the most important thing we posses, i.e, our minds. A man may look serene and calm but his mind is perhaps, buoyant with vivid thoughts. And for a person who is impotent to speak out with clarity or is extremely bashful, it might not be visible to us but he or she is having just so much to say but the problem is that the words come out frozen, and phrases as stiff as corpses. Also, You cannot assume if a person is ordinary or if he or she has a knack for something. You don’t know that even the most unobtrusive kid in your class is having a whole battle with imaginary dragons inside his mind while he’s just walking through the corridors towards his class. You know, Sometimes, one may fear to show the glow within to the world, but put yout trust in me and remember that, it’s truly worth it.

There’s always a glow within you, which needs to be used to lit up this dark world.


Β© π‘ƒπ‘Ÿπ‘œπ‘ π‘’ & π‘ƒπ‘œπ‘’π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘¦


  1. Oh it’s very beautifully written Maria. I can agree with every sentence here, that every man has an Incandescent glow that shines from the within.

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